Try all three of our signature body butters with this sample pack! This is perfect for the frequent traveller, or the individual who wants to sample all of our butters. This set gives you 3 travel sized body butters for the price of one of our full sized butters! It's a deal you cannot beat.


Available in the following scents:


- Unscented: This is our simplest natural blend, as it has no essential oils or fragrance added. It is simply the natural scent of all the ingredients mixed to make this body butter. 


- Citrus: This relaxing, fruity scent is made with a mix of Sweet Orange, Lemon and Bergamont Essential Oils.


- Warm Vanilla Sugar: This rich, sweet, yummy vanilla scent is created using 100% pure Warm Vanilla Sugar fragrance oil. This body butter scent works as a fabulous base for sweet/musk based perfume scents, if you are interested in layering and building up your fragrance.


- Sweet Orange: This crisp, fresh and citrusy scent is achieved through the infusion of Sweet Orange Essential Oil.


Shelf Life: 1 year 


Important Note: Due to the natural ingredients used to create this product, the scent of the butters can vary slightly from batch to batch. This has no impact on the effectiveness of the product.

Travel Sized Butter 3-Pack