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Who Are We?

Simisola Naturals is a lifestyle company that produces wholesome and effective skin care products for every individual, as well as lifestyle pieces - like our Ankara Fanny Packs - that are locally made in Nigeria. 


We empower and invest in West African women by purchasing our Shea and Cocoa butter exclusively from women-owned businesses and co-ops in Nigeria and Ghana.

As a company, we aim to:

  • Make natural skin care affordable and accessible

  • Empower the African women who make the vital ingredients like shea butter. We believe investing in female producers through the creation of co-ops and providing fair living wages for their goods, not only empowers women, but also promotes economic growth and raises the living standards of communities.

  • Support Nigerian Artisans and the Made in Nigeria initiative. We aim to provide the public with authentic, modern, and quality items that are crafted in Nigeria, via our Lifestyle Collection. Read more about it here.

  • Help build confidence - we want you to love yourself and your skin! Building this confidence will allow you to OWN your life!

  • Provide you with amazing, soft, glowing skin without you having to sacrifice your health or hurt your pockets.

  • Simplify your routine! Many of our products are versatile and can be used on your skin and in your hair.

  • Educate everyone about the the benefits of natural remedies to skin issues like eczema and acne.

  • Give you a fair shot at the skin of your dreams. We want to give everyone a fair chance at living well and treating their body like a temple. Everyone deserves soft, glowing and HEALTHY skin!

Our customers are health conscious women and men who want what’s best for their hair and skin! They are also stylish people who are looking for great and meaningful ways to give back and live well... and they want to be able to do all of this at an affordable price.

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