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Skin I'm In Series, Feature #5: Muniq Bakare-Saba

This week's #SkinImInSunday features Muniq Bakare-Saba of Qskin, a skincare and wellness platform that helps people embrace and love their skin regardless of its flaws. On the page, Muniq shares skincare routines, product recommendations and reviews, and skincare tips from personal experience, research, and from other people with different skin concerns. This week, Muniq opens up about how having broken capillaries around her nose affected her over the years. Read her story below:

I am super self-conscious of my nose! The spidery, red splotches lying underneath the skin on either side of my nose that don't seem to go away... ever! They are called broken capillaries and I’m 99% certain they are genetic (my mum has them) meaning I’m more prone to them.

I played Rudolph in nursery and till this day I can’t help thinking it was because of my regularly red nose. I used to be bare faced but still conceal just around my nose, now I just focus on using cooling skincare tools like a cold jade roller around my nose or cool skincare products to calm any redness. Sunscreen and switching from physical to predominately chemical exfoliation has prevented them from getting worse. I accept my flaws, have made my peace with my red nose and really do love the skin I’m in.

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