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Tips for getting the best skin results

1. Be consistent!

Consistency is key for basically everything in life. To really get the best glow, use your body butter every day at least once a day. You can either use it after your morning shower, after your evening shower or better yet - both! We recommend using it after your morning shower during the colder months, and after your evening shower during the hotter months. Because the body butters are oil based, they could make you feel warmer if you use it in the mornings during the summer.  Use it everyday and we promise you wont regret it!

2. Moisturize right after you shower

As we mentioned above, it is best to moisturize right after a shower because your pores would still be open, allowing your body butter to be absorbed by your skin instead of the oils just sitting on the surface of the skin. This one step can go a long way to nourishing your skin and keeping it hydrated all day long.


3. Hydrate

Drink water! And lots of it! It helps get rid of impurities and flushes out your system. Glowing also comes from within!

4. Use sunscreen

This is so so so important. UV rays are dangerous and can do irreparable damage to your skin, so it is important to protect yourself. So find a nice lightweight sunscreen and use it daily!

5. Exfoliate once a week

Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin that causes blemishes, acne, and dull, rough and dry looking skin. Having a regular exfoliating routine will give you fresh, glowing and healthy skin and it will allow our products to penetrate into your skin instead of just sitting on the surface, which will ensure you get the best results possible.

6. Use our body butters after you shave!

Our customers have consistently raved about using our body butter after shaving their legs. Moisturizing is very important after you shave - it helps maintain smoothness and it reduces the chances of ingrown hairs and rashes.

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